Megan Fox Dishes About Transformers 2

We have some news about Transformers 2 to share with you thanks to the following interview Fox had with our friends at MTV:

MTV talked to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen star Megan Fox, who says that the sequel is “10 times as big, 10 times as many set pieces, explosions, and acrobatic stunts.” She added that “Shia and I make out a little bit; I don’t know if anyone wants to see that.”

Fox says that they have been reworking the script as it was written fast because of the writers strike, mainly to add character “stuff” for her and Shia amongst the giant robots. And what is Michael Bay’s main directorial input to Megan? “His main note to me is just to look hot; so I try my best.”

The only news that excites me from the mouth of Fox is the amount of set pieces and explosions that she briefly mentions. With luck, we will see more of the robots this time out and have less human dialogue than the last – although it isn’t looking good.


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