Call Of Duty:World At War

Call Of Duty:World At War

A new Call of Duty World At war video was released to the Xbox live marketplace June 21st.The video is a first look at the game it does not show any game play features.However it does show the usage of flame throwers.If u watch the video u can see a sniper climbing up a tree to get a better shot.

One part of a level entitled Maken Raid shows an Allied prisoner of war being tortured by the Japanese before having his throat slit by a katana. The player’s character witnesses this scene and is later rescued by US Marines who liberate the camp

According to the developers you will be able to use vehicles in the online multiplayer.The game will also feature co-op campaign a 2 player split screen and a four player xbox live co-op.Thats all for now keep checking in for updates.

Trevor Whitten


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