Top 10 Running Backs of all time

Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton

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From left: Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yards a carry; Barry Sanders rushed for 2,053 yards in 1997; Walter Payton finished his career with 16,726 yards rushing.

Here is What ESPN said about about the top ten running backs of all time.

Career: Upon retiring before ’66 season, the Browns’ RB was all-time leader in rushing yards (12,312), all-purpose yards (15,549) and touchdowns (126).
Quick quote: “Incredible combination of speed and power. As a defensive back, I’m happy he retired just as I came into the league, because my career might have been a lot shorter if I had to tackle him.” — Thomas
Video: Career Highlights
Career: Sudden retirement in ’99 came with the Lions’ RB trailing only Walter Payton on the all-time rushing list. Ran for more than 1,500 yards in a season five times.
Quick quote: “He’s the only guy I’ve ever seen who could hurt defenders without touching them. He’d have them twisting their ankles and running into each other.” — Reese
Video: Career Highlights
Career: Played on mediocre Bears teams until late in career but retired as leading rusher (16,726) in history.
Quick quote: “The most complete back ever.”‘ — Shula
Video: Career Highlights
Career: Smith, who played 13 seasons for Dallas and two for Arizona, took over as all-time rushing leader in ’02. His 164 rushing touchdowns are the most in history.
Quick quote: “Phenomenal and extremely tough player. Incredible balance and leverage.” — Reeves
Video: Career Highlights
Career: Knee problems forced him to retire in ’71 after seven seasons with the Bears. At 33, he was the youngest person selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Quick quote: “I used to watch him and say, ‘How can anybody be that good?'” — Levy
Video: Career Highlights
Career: The Chargers’ RB has at least 1,200 rushing yards and 50 receptions in each of his first seven seasons.
Quick quote: “He brings as much versatility as any running back ever has.” — Smith
Career: Began career with Indianapolis in ’94 but was traded to St. Louis in ’99 and became cornerstone of “Greatest Show on Turf.” First running back in history to lead his team in receptions in five different seasons.
Quick quote: “Could have been an All-Pro as a wide receiver.” — Bushofsky
Career: The Bills’ great became the first player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a season when he gained 2,003 in ’73.
Quick quote: “He had it all. He had the same type balance as Jim Brown, and he could just keep going and going.” — Reeves
Credentials: One of Johnny Unitas’ key weapons for the Colts, he scored a touchdown in 18 straight regular-season appearances between ’63 and ’65.
Quick quote: “He may be underappreciated, but he was very similar to what Marshall Faulk has been more recently.” — Richardson, who was Moore’s teammate for two years in Baltimore.
Credentials: Reached 10,000 rushing yards in 91 games (the fastest pace in history) and rushed for 2,105 yards in ’84. Played for Rams, Colts, Falcons and Raiders.

I Pretty much agree with this but i don’t know how i would rank the top three.Because Walter Payton finished the all time leading rusher,Barry Sanders had a awsome career but it ended early, and Jim Brown also finished the leading rusher.So for me thats a tossup.As for Emmit Smith i think hes top ten material but not top 5 he had a much better supporting cast then the top 3 no questions asked,and as for LT he will definitely finish top ten but as of right now not number six on my list.

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