New Dark Knight TV Spot

We have a 6th Dark Knight TV spot to show those of you that are interested. We get the hookup thanks to the good people over at You Tube:Heath Ledger is turning out to be a memorable joker


One Response to “New Dark Knight TV Spot”

  1. Yeah I love Batman movies…but I try to keep perspective…this Heath Ledger fetish drives me nuts…the idea that he may win a posthumous Academy award is just a sad reflection of our hero worship of people who fail to survive…the most basic of our skills…his joker will just go into the pantheon of Jokers….I think it poor of thought to discount Jack Nicholson and even Ceasar Romero…yes I said it Caesar Romero gave a credible portrail of Joker…but this is how this sad indvidual allowed himself to be remembered…A psychotic clown who in seven years wil be portrayed masterfully by one of those Zach and Cody kids…any ways thanks for the rant…please visit me….

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