Wall-E Still Holding 98% on Rotten Tomatoes

So you want to go see a movie this weekend but you are not sure what to see. The guys around the watercooler are talking about this Wall-E film that is supposed to be pretty good, so maybe I will see that. Its a Pixar movie so you know it will be good for the kids. They get amused watching skittles thrown in the air.

Film says:

What movie should you see this weekend? Wanted is surprisingly good, and will likely beat your expectations. I can honestly recommend it… but the clear winner is WALL-E.

So far the little robot that could has a 98% tomatoemeter rating on Rotten Tomatoes with over 40 reviews. Actually, only one reviewer gave a negative critique.

But you better get their early so you can get yourself a good seat.

Or go to the really late showing so you don’t have to listen to that kid whine that his bladder is the size of an acorn and he cried til you gave him a pop that weights half as much as he does.


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