300 Sequel?

Well, I suppose we should have seen this coming. 300 we be the next film to enter the sequel factory, we get wind of this peculiar news from our friends at comics2film:

Reporting from the 34th Annual Saturn Awards, Collider.com talked to Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Bernie Goldmann, the producers of ‘300′.

“We’re looking for another ‘300′ and we’re looking for Frank Miller and Zack [Snyder] to do thier thing. We’ve had obviously, around the world, such an amazing journey,” Canton said. “It keeps on going.”

I loved 300 and am disappointed by this news. The story was a one off and should be left as such. I am all for the same crew making more Spartan films and/or sword and sandal pictures, but there is no need to have the film associated with 300 in any way shape or form. Few things in life bother me more than sequels that should not be.


3 Responses to “300 Sequel?”

  1. Nice! I loooved the first one. The vibrant colors and scenes were sooo intense. I hope the sequel is just, well better than your average one.

  2. The Crosspatch Says:

    IMHO, it sounds to me like they were looking for another movie *like* 300, not a sequel.

    Besides, considering the outcome of the first, what would you call it, “1”?

    another 300? why make a sequel to the first one?
    you can only do so much fighting in thou’s type of movies then it gets boring after a while like the new 300 will be

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