HEROES TV Guide Preview

The upcoming third season of NBC’s Heroes is previewed in the July 14 Sci-Fi Preview issue of TV Guide magazine.

Drawn from that article and a few online sources, here are some details about the new season:

The 13-episode Volume Three is entitled ‘Villains’, but “it’s not as obvious as its title might sound,” Zachary Quinto (Sylar) teases. Might that have anything to do with the changes in storyline? According to E!Online’s KRISTIN DOS SANTOS early this year, the “plan” for Volume Three, which always was to be called ‘Villains,’ will be far different from what was originally conceived before the WGA strike this past winter, thanks in large part to criticisms of Volume Two.

Despite the rumored “reboot,” the show’s creative team won’t be discounting the Fall ’07 ‘Generations’ story arc. September 22’s season premiere night will kick off with a one-hour “summary” special featuring previously unseen clips. The following episode #1, written by Tim Kring and directed by Allan Arkush, begins four years in the future, where we’ll meet a “mean, damaged and kinda nuts” Claire, revealed Hayden Panettiere, whose return apparently wasn’t delayed by her recent movie shoot. “Future Claire is a real bad ass.” The story then flashes back to pick up right after the Season Two “Powerless” cliffhangers.

“Because in every hero there could be a villain”
– May ’08 Heroes promo


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