Leterrier Teasing a Superman Movie?

After the shameless way Leterrier teased about Captain America in his Hulk movie, we’ve learned to take everything he says as blatant promotion.

By the way, where is that Captain America cameo that he promised to upload online for us all to see? Since he obviously was using that to promote Hulk, how can we possibly believe this NEW rumor he is starting about himself…

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier did a French interview at AlloCine where he was asked about other super-properties he would like to direct, and he said, “Maybe they have already asked me to direct the new Superman movie.” Although rumors say Warners is wanting to oust Bryan Singer, and they definitely were waiting to see what would happen with this Hulk reboot in order to learn if they could apply it to Superman, I seriously doubt that this is true. Especially with Leterrier’s penchant for fibbing.


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