No Deleted Scenes In Dark Knight DVD

The Dark Knight is getting closer and closer to its release date (you can see my review here) and already we hear some news about the DVD for the film. The folks over at IFMagazine give us the following:

“We know there won’t be any deleted scenes because there never are,” says Roven, noting director Nolan puts everything of importance in the actual movie. “There weren’t any on BATMAN BEGINS and there weren’t any on this one.”

I think this is too bad for we wont see more of which probably be Ledger’s oscar winning performance


One Response to “No Deleted Scenes In Dark Knight DVD”

  1. Larry King Says:

    The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie EVER made, even if your not into Batman, you’ll like this movie, it’s that good. Unless you hate yourself, go and see this movie.

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