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E3 2009: Motion Sensing Game Available for Pre-Order

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A little over 12 hours from now, Microsoft will be hitting the stage for their press conference.  However, thanks to our friends at Engadget, we have a juicy bit of information for you before Microsoft hits the stage.  We’ve heard for over a year now about Microsoft possibly entering the Wii-esque area of motion sensing capabilities, and we’ve seen bits of information scattered around, whether it be the “Newton” controller or the motion sensing camera.  Added to this gigantic rumor now is a game available for pre-order on
Squeeballs: Island Party will apparently be bundled with this brand new controller that will have the same type of motion capabilities as the Wii.  The controller, named Gametrak Freedom (or “Freedom” for short), will be able to track the player’s movements and translate them to the game.  Sounds familiar right?
The game will feature 11 main games, which include Tenpin Bowling, Feeding Frenzy, Cannon, Cooking, Crazy Lanes, Paint by Squeeballs, Creature Testing Belt, Pumping, Squeeball Golf, Shock and Stampede.  After challenges are met, new ones will unlock, which will result in over 150 unique games.

Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor at the moment, and we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.  But, this is an awful lot of information from a reputable retailer to not report it to you guys.  Stay tuned all day tomorrow here at X360A for all the groundbreaking news as soon as it happens!


Guitar Hero 5 Bands revealed

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Just in time for E3, the entire list of bands that will be making an appearance in Guitar Hero 5 has been revealed.  Some notable bands include Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Santana, Stevie Wonder, Public Enemy, Rammstein and Elton John.  The entire list of bands include: Continue reading

PSP go Confirmed

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Whoops! Looks like the June episode of Sony’s PSN show Qore has been released early, showing up in the download histories of subscribers. In it, the heavily rumored PSP go has been confirmed. We’ve assumed this was real for a while now, with many of  editors putting the PSP go announcement in their E3 predictions.

The PSP go will sport a 3.8″ screen, 16GB of internal flash memory (upgradable), Bluetooth, and a 43% weight reduction. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The PSP go will NOT replace existing PSP models and Sony will still sell games on UMD. Could this be where the rumored digital rental service comes into play? There is still no information on how users will be able to turn their UMD games into digital games, if Sony even allows them to do so.

Also mentioned in the leaked video is Gran Turismo Portable and a new Metal Gear Solid PSP game, but further information will come during E3. There has been speculation that Kojima Productions will be announcing both a console and portable Metal Gear at E3 with interactivity between the possible PS3 and PSP releases.

Lego Indiana Jones 2:The Adventure Continues announced

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Announced

LucasArts has announced that the next installment in its charming and incredibly fun LEGO Indiana Jones franchise, creatively titled Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, is scheduled for a Fall 2009 release on all major consoles. And while I still wake up every morning hoping to see some bit of news about a truly next-gen Indy game, I can’t really complain about a new LEGO installment.

One of the more intriguing additions this time around is the Build Your Own Adventure Mode, which lets you build and share standalone levels or “combine [levels] with existing ones,” whatever that might look like. Plus, how can you say no to reliving all new sequences from the films and having access to planes, boats and mine carts. Adorable, adorable mine carts.

Sony Announces PS3 compatible Ericson phone

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Aino Cell Phone

Finally, Sony has leverage the synergistic possibilities between its PlayStation division and its Ericsson cell phone department…partially. The long-rumored PlayStation compatible phone is actually coming. The Aino mobile phone will be out later this year, and features a “Remote Play” features that allows users to access media stored on their PS3 console via a local network or the internet. You know, like you have on your PSP.

If you were hoping for a powerful, Sony handheld gaming device that also allows you to call your friends, this isn’t it… at least, I don’t think this is it. No mention of gaming is made in the Aino press release Sony sent out, so it’s possible the company is waiting to make a huge splash with the news at E3 this year. It’s not that likely, but it’s possible.

Gaming or now, the Aino is a fully functioning smart phone that will allow media streaming and other bells and/or whistles. The phone’s specs and feature are below the cut. Continue reading

Madden NFL 10 to Feature online co-op

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EA Announces Online Co-Op For Madden 10

It’s good to see EA finally getting around to innovating in ways that actually have me seriously looking forward to a new Madden for a change. While we will obviously be hearing all about Madden NFL 10’s new features at E3 next week, EA has gone ahead and revealed that this year’s game will feature online co-op. In addition, it looks as though…wait, what?! That’s awesome! EA press release, tell me more please.

“Team up with a friend online to work on game strategy, practice plays, and see the field from a unique point-of-view, thanks to position-specific camera angles. Change player positions after each play to experience the NFL from a completely different dynamic. Want to find out what it’s like to play as a wide receiver on one play, and the left offensive tackle on another? With Madden NFL 10 Online Co-op, the choice is yours.”

Battlefield 1943 offers 4th unlockable map

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DICE has revealed that their homage Battlefield 1943 will offer a fourth unlockable map, The Coral Sea. How would you suppose they’d have you unlock it? Why racking up a global kill count of 43,000,000 community kills. Yeesh.

1943 comes out in June for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for $15 with the PC release coming in September.