Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon 2!!!

For those of you that have seen it and stayed to the end of the credits in the movie, you know that they left the door open for a possible sequel. I never thought it would happen since the film failed to pick up a wide release (TOTALLY FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!), but to my great and pleasant surprise it looks like a sequel might indeed be in the works. The good folks over at DreadCentral give us this:


From actor Nathan Baesel himself, word is — “We’ve been talking for about a year, and Scott [Glosserman] and David [Stieve] have fleshed out a pretty workable frame. Scott called about a month ago cracking himself up while relating the newest machinations he and Stieve had come up with. I have to say it feels like it’s going in a direction that appeals to a lot of what I was wanting to do with Leslie and satisfies a lot of the conceptual elements that turn Scotty on while addressing Stieve’s desires to have a story light enough for entertaining popcorn fare while hitting genre fans where it counts. Scott feels the DVD sales have been strong enough to entice backers to a production that’s more expansive, expensive, and satisfying than BTM. We’ll see… 


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