First Look At Transformer Sideways has released yet another cool little piece of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen artwork, this time giving us a first look at the character Sideways.

In Transformers lore, Sideways is a gleeful troublemaker, for whom chaos is its own reward. His every action misleads and deceives, be it for his own twisted amusement, or for whatever deeper agenda he may be working towards. In truth, this cunning and deadly warrior is an agent of the chaos-bringer, Unicron, and is charged with the task of appearing as both Autobot and Decepticon in order to cause confusion amongst both factions and prevent them from allying together against his planet-eating master.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Sideways will appear as an Audi R8. His role in the story is still not completely known, but the first trailer showed him being chased through a building wall by various Autobots, so the potential for some double-agent action is still out there. Have a look at his robot mode below, courtesy of Michael Bay.


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