New Killzone 2 DLC coming June 11

New 'Killzone 2' DLC Coming June 11

A few weeks ago, Guerilla Games released the first batch of DLC for Killzone 2 (“Steel and Titanium”), which favored claustrophobic chaos over expansive exterior battle scenarios. For the second round of DLC, Guerilla is opening things up a bit and going a little retro at the same time.

The “Flash and Thunder” level pack (June 11, $5.99) features two maps modeled after the Beach Head and Southern Hills levels from the original Killzone, only with a few twists that Guerilla is being understandably tight-lipped about at the moment.

The press release does however mention that one new “explosive” feature will “have you running for cover…or risk a quick death.” I leave it up to you to speculate that one to death over the next few weeks.

Here are the official descriptions of what players can expect from the new maps:

“In the Beach Head map, the ISA must defend their stronghold after the Helghast land on the sandy Vektan beaches. As torrential rain and gale-force winds batter the landscape, the relatively small size of the level creates a frantic hand-to-hand battleground, with the water filled craters supplying only limited cover. Picking your way across the harsh terrain, you will find many opportunities to sneak up on the enemy and take them down at close range. And if you’re able to get to them in one piece, there are also lots of higher ground sniper spots to explore…”
“In the Southern Hills map, the battle takes place around a central Helghast base on top of a hill. The compound is surrounded by smaller structures, creating a level that facilitates close-quarter fights within the built-up areas, as well as long-range shoot-outs in-between them. Ideal for 24 to 32 player games, the base camps in this version have been beefed up considerably, so expect to find more hiding places than in the original Killzone counterpart.”

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