Thor Has Been Cast

Thor Has Been Cast! (And He's Kirk's Dad?)It’s a safe bet that the majority of us outside of the land down under, when asked “who is Chris Hemsworth” would probably respond in befuddlement. However, don’t expect that reaction to last for too much longer, as the young newcomer is seemingly locked-in to be cast as Marvel’s favorite Thunder God/Superhero, Thor. Best known for his recent role in Star Trek as George Kirk, Captain James T. Kirk’s ill-fated (thanks to an altered universe) father, the Aussie actor will have landed a role that initially included candidates such as Daniel Craig, Paul “Triple H” Levesque (Blame Randy Orton?), Alexander Skarsgård, Tom Hiddleston, and Charlie Hunnam (just to name a few.) 

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Hemsworth’s casting in this film was a unique underdog story that rarely happens in Hollywood.

“Ward (Agent William Ward) had found Chris during one of the manager’s many scouting trips to Australia. Ward brought him to Los Angeles and really put him out there to casting directors and production executives. As for the major agencies, I hear CAA passed on the meeting, Endeavor took it but passed on repping him, and ICM was interested but dragged their feet. But Ilene Feldman understood his appeal immediately.

Chris had read for the part of Thor but wasn’t given a test because a casting director had nixed him early on. I’m told Chris’ younger brother Liam (who’s also a ROAR client) then tested for the role of Thor, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige passed. Then, after a conversation with Ward (“You’ve got to reconsider Chris, he’s your guy”), Feige decided to let Chris read again. And once Marvel put him on tape, it was “Oh my god”. Branagh came to town last week and saw the Chris test and made the final casting decision today.”

“A script, a script! My kingdom for a script!”

Thor is going to be an intriguing project on many levels. Director Kenneth Branagh will have no frame of reference from either film or television to either draw from, or even serve as an example of what to avoid. Indeed, the Shakespearean stage and screen legend will have to take the source material (Marvel comics) and make something that is compelling and believable. This would hardly be an easy task for an insane comic book geek, much less, someone from outside of that mold. However, initial reports from Marvel royalty seem to imply that Branagh “gets it,” and that his adaptation will bring something exciting to the table.

So where does Chris Hemsworth fit as Thor? Well, we can gather that this version of Thor will not be a ridiculously huge Hulk-sized humanoid who sends shockwaves across the Earth at every step. Rather, expect him to be more “human” with weaknesses to overcome in regards to his powers, as well as personal character. Hemsworth’s casting was an underdog story of sorts, and his character would seemingly be someone who, much a like a tragic Shakesperean protagonist, is powerless against the forces of fate, as this film (which will depict Thor’s origin story in the mystical realm of Asgard) will have him fighting betrayal and exile. Sounds like good stuff, right?

Eventually, this version of Thor will wind up as a key member of The Avengers in the follow-up film, which will probably be one of the hugest events in the history of comic films. You can be sure that this casting has been made under that context.


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