Zach Braff To Direct Again with “Swingle”

I’ve got a real soft spot for Zach Braff. I love Scrubs, I’ve enjoyed his movies (although they all seem to flop) and in person he’s a genuinely great and very personable guy. The problem has been (as I just mentioned) his movie career has been anything but stellar.

For example, his movie with Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman, “The Ex” had a wide release and only managed to make $3 million (yes you read that right).

But the one area of film where Braff showed a lot of promise was in directing… and despite all the critical and fan praise he got for his directoral debut with “Garden State” he’s never returned to the director’s chair… until now:

The good folks over at JoBlo give us this information on “Swingle


Now comes news that Braff is set to write, direct and star in the comedy SWINGLES, about a bachelor who is dropped by his wingman and teams up with a quick-witted woman he can’t stand in order to meet singles. Cameron Diaz has signed on to play the quick-witted woman, and I’m going totally on a hunch here, but I feel as though they’ll end up together by movie’s end. Now that I basically ruined the film’s ending, there’s not really a point in seeing it, is there. Sorry Braffinacs. 


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