Beware Of The Pink Teddy Bear – Toy Story 3’s Bad Guy Revealed?

There are few sequels that I’ve been looking forward to more than Toy Story 3. The first two Toy Story films are nothing short of classic and genius (as I’ve pointed out before, Toy Story 2 is one of only… if not THE only wide release film in history to hold a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

For a long time it looked like it would never happen… then when Pixar and Disney were fighting it looked like Disney would commit the UNFORGIVABLE SIN of doing a Toy Story 3 without Pixar. Then all became right in the world as Disney and Pixar become one big happy family… and Toy Story 3 is back in the right hands again.

The buzz for Toy Story 3 is just starting to get mobilized, and with that, there is a new rumor out about who may be the new “bad guy” to face our toy heroes.

If the rumors are to be believed, following in the footsteps of Stinky Pete and Cid will be Lotso the pink Teddy Bear. DIABOLICAL!

There’s nothing out there about him, just that he MAY be the bad guy. Tremble in frear children… tremble in fear. (Source: LatinoReview)


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