The First 25 Minutes Of Transformers ROTF Has Been Revealed

Can’t wait for Transformers ROTF to come out? Me either and that’s why it was interesting to read what happens in the first 25 minutes of the film.
Unfortunately I was not able to see it but the good people over at LA Times caught a glimpse and this is what Geoff Boucher had to say:

“He (Michael Bay)showed me a comedy sequence with the Witwicky family getting young Sam (Shia LaBeouf) ready to go off to Princeton University. There was a lot of “empty nest” humor with Sam’s mom, Judy (Julie White), and dad, Ron (Kevin Dunn), and then the house is all but leveled by an unwelcome metallic visitor. The scene has a lot of humor in it but Bay said the film, overall, is darker than its 2007 predecessor. “This one,” Bay said, “is less quippy.”

There was the first scene in the film for the nubile Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) and of course she was wearing very little and posed like a grease-monkey hottie on a garage pin-up poster. “Of course we had to get that out of the way,” Bay said with mock resignation. There was plenty more of Fox in seductive mode and a romantic rival as well — at Princeton, a curvy mystery girl pounces on Sam in his dorm-room but there’s something a little alien about her. Maybe it’s the nasty steel tail that suddenly emerges from under her skirt like a scorpion’s stinger.

Bay showed me an intense action sequence in Shanghai and I have to say he’s right when he boasts that the robots this time around are more impressive in their movement, intricacy and emotives…

There was also a section of the film in a Princeton classroom with a leering Lothario of a professor (Rainn Wilson) who has a run-in with new student Witwicky, who is suddenly a sputtering genius thanks to his encounter with a powerful shard of alien technology. Bay based the sleazy Wilson character on a randy film instructor he remembered back at his alma mater, Wesleyan University, who wore leather pants and had a whispered reputation for seducing coeds.

He showed me a sequence with a cranky new Autobot with a lot of stylized personality (think of a windy old geezer with the metallic equivalent of a braided beard) and he mentioned that the smaller robots will be a key part of this film. Tom Kenny (the star voice of “SpongeBob SquarePants”) and ubiquitous voice veteran Frank Welker are on board and I think little kids in particular are going to seize on this movie. Jeffrey Katzenberg gave me advice once. He said it’s great to have little characters with these big huge voices,” Bay noted of some of the manic little bots.”


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