‘Gears/Gears 2’ and ‘infamous’ Get Bundled in Australia and the U.K.

'Gears'/'Gears 2' and 'inFamous' Get Bundled In Australia And U.K.

Microsoft is giving gamers down-under a bit of extra love in the form of a new Xbox 360 bundle, which includes a boring old Xbox 360 Pro and copies of both Gears and Gears 2, set to be released on June 4 for $449 AU (around $350 USD). Whether the bundle will be available outside of Australia is still unknown.

In other bundle news, gamers in the U.K. will be getting their hands on a new PS3 bundle this week that will include a copy of the upcoming electro-action title inFamous and an 80GB console. The bundle will go on sale May 29 for £299, although Amazon UK will be selling it for £279.99, £10 less than the standalone console.

Would any non-360/PS3 owners here feel compelled to make the next-gen console leap if these bundles were made available in the U.S.?


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