Reboots. Good or Bad?

          For years now reboots have become a part of Hollywood. Now reboots are a completely different thing than remakes, remakes are a movie being made to be exactly like the movie its remaking, a reboot is taking a film franchise and taking it in a new direction. Many recent reboots have been extremely successful, like Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Incredible Hulk, and Star Trek. But are they a good choice to make, Yes. If you wait long enough people will embrace a new vision of a franchise. When you don’t wait long enough, like the Incredible Hulk, people don’t understand what you are doing. Most of the people I know thought it was a sequel.

The reason I bring this up is for the direction Marvel might take with Daredevil. Which is still not long enough and I would say wait longer but with the direction Marvel Studios is going who knows what the next move is. Considering Avengers is coming out in a few years who knows if they will keep the same line up for a sequel. If they do reboot Daredevil I hope that they reboot others, like Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and possibly when Marvel gets the movie rights back from Sony for Spider-man reboot it. Now don’t get me wrong I love the first 2 Spider-man movies, I even have a signed poster of the 2nd movie, but if rebooting it means Spider-man will be put in a possible ” New Avengers” movie I’m all in.

But the fall back with Reboot a movie is the cast. In Fantastic Four Chris Evans played an awesome Johnny Storm and Julian McMahon play an incredibly evil Dr. Victor von Doom. But having these characters will confuse a lot of people so it will be a shame that they will not appear.

So friends do you think reboots are good? Do you think Hollywood should wait to reboot? and Do you think they should keep some of the Original cast.


2 Responses to “Reboots. Good or Bad?”

  1. I read somewhere that the Fantastic Four was possibly going to get a reboot. The only recent reboot I dont like is Superman Returns. But I agree, studios need to wait a certain amount of time for reboots to take place.

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