Raimi Reveals more on the Spider-Man 4 Villains (or villian-esses)

Sam Raimi has exclusively revealed to MTV more information on who or what may be going up against Spider-Man in the next movie…
This from MTV’s Splash Page-

When the director was asked how the selection of the villain/s was coming along with scriptwriter, David Lindsay-Abaire he said, “I’ve talked with David about a possible villain, villains, villain-ess. We’ve spoken about who knows what Spider-Man’s conflicting personas would be.”

Raimi also revealed that he may even be happy to introduce even the most obscure of supervillains, “That would be absolutely fine – but I’m not looking for things like that. I’m trying to, with the writer, find Peter Parker’s story primarily. And find the right conflict for him to come up against. So that either he can grow as a human being and overcome this thing, or perish. It’s more about finding the villain that represents the best story for Peter.”

However, Raimi also told MTV that whatever villain may be featured in the first draft script may not be the one who appears on the big screen, “Really, I have to read the screenplay and see if it’s working, what we’ve discussed. Before I really, in my heart, could tell you that I knew.”

So, what do you think all this means for which villain we may see in Spider-Man 4? And, is anyone else worried why Sam Raimi keeps going on about Peter Parker’s story rather than the Amazing Spider-Man…after all, do we really want any more of Peter dancing?!?


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