Sean William Scott and Adam Brody are a Couple of Dicks

Kevin Smith’s first film he will direct that he didn’t write has a title that makes you think he did. A Couple of Dicks will feature a pair of cops (Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan) investigating a stolen rare baseball card.

Now we learn that Sean William Scott and Adam Brody will be joining the film.

THR says:

Scott plays a thief known as the Shit Bandit for the souvenirs he leaves at his robberies. Brody is an abrasive detective not happy to be working with Willis and Morgan. 

Ok, I have a love/hate thing for Sean Stiffler Scott, as he is always the same guy. But this role sounds like it would work with him being that guy, so I don’t mind so much. We get a dose of his character every now and then so his repeat offending doesn’t drive me crazy (yet).


And Brody as the reluctant tag-along could work too, but I have to see it. Sounds like “A couple of dicks” should be a trio of dicks from the description, so there must be a reason for having him around. I hope.

Bruce can do no wrong in my eyes, but Tracy Morgan is the only thing stopping me from getting on board here. He was always nails on the SNL blackboard for me.


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