E3 2009: Motion Sensing Game Available for Pre-Order

A little over 12 hours from now, Microsoft will be hitting the stage for their press conference.  However, thanks to our friends at Engadget, we have a juicy bit of information for you before Microsoft hits the stage.  We’ve heard for over a year now about Microsoft possibly entering the Wii-esque area of motion sensing capabilities, and we’ve seen bits of information scattered around, whether it be the “Newton” controller or the motion sensing camera.  Added to this gigantic rumor now is a game available for pre-order on Gamestop.com.
Squeeballs: Island Party will apparently be bundled with this brand new controller that will have the same type of motion capabilities as the Wii.  The controller, named Gametrak Freedom (or “Freedom” for short), will be able to track the player’s movements and translate them to the game.  Sounds familiar right?
The game will feature 11 main games, which include Tenpin Bowling, Feeding Frenzy, Cannon, Cooking, Crazy Lanes, Paint by Squeeballs, Creature Testing Belt, Pumping, Squeeball Golf, Shock and Stampede.  After challenges are met, new ones will unlock, which will result in over 150 unique games.

Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor at the moment, and we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.  But, this is an awful lot of information from a reputable retailer to not report it to you guys.  Stay tuned all day tomorrow here at X360A for all the groundbreaking news as soon as it happens!


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