Just about every psp game released after October 1st will be downloadable


Even prior to Sony’s official unveiling of its next big portable device, the PSP Go, speculations abounded regarding what the company’s plans were for bringing UMD-released games to a UMD-less device. Well, things are a little bit clearer today.

Sony social media manager Jeff Rubenstein told Destructoid that “just about” every PSP game released on UMD after October 1 (the day the PSP Go goes on sale) will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network. Rubenstein went on to say that third party titles will need the approval of their publishers before they will be available for download.

This is of course great news for people who have never owned a PSP and, as such, don’t own a single UMD game, and plan on investing in a PSP Go. However, the download service still doesn’t help current PSP owners thinking about eventually picking one up. That is of course unless the vast majority of them don’t mind carrying around two PSPs all the time.


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