Ubisoft confirms DLC and Multiplayer for Splinter Cell: Conviction

Ubisoft Confirms Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer And DLC
Well, it turns out that Conviction won’t just feature a mind-blowing single-player adventure either. Ubisoft producer Alexandre Parizeau told Joystiq that, as with the previous three SC installments, Conviction will include multiplayer. Parizeau didn’t drop any more details other than to expect more info sometime over the summer.

Looking beyond Conviction’s release, Parizeau confirmed that the developers are planning to release downloadable content as well, but we’ll obviously have to wait until the game finally launches this fall sometime to find out more about what that DLC will include (Could episodic content be in Sam Fisher’s future?)

Many fans have noted that Double Agent’s multiplayer was noticeably more accessible than it was in previous installments, but the game’s co-op mode wasn’t as robust as Chaos Theory’s. Well, with Ubisoft Montreal once again at the helms, here’s hoping the team can build on what it started in Chaos Theory, and make the multiplayer portion of Conviction as new and exciting as the single-player mode.


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