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Warner Bros. bites into iPhone apps

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Warner Bros. Digital Entertainment wants a bite of Apple’s App business. The studio is positioning itself as a major distributor of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Continue reading


Super fast internet on the horizon?

Posted in Computer with tags , , , , , on July 28, 2008 by trevdog54

Remember when you came over your friends house just to download some music and….data because they had a broadband connection and you didn’t want to wait around using your 56kbps modem? Well soon enough, current broadband speeds will feel just like that dial-up modem you dreaded for so long.

Scientists at the University of Sydney have demonstrated (by accident?) a theory that can speed up our internet speed up to 60 times faster. Here’s what PopSci reports about the astounding discovery:

“Information from the Web can already travel at the speed of light across optic fibers. But because outdated electronics process this data, it’s all for naught. The Australian scientists took advantage of speedy optic fibers by creating a thumbnail-sized photonic integrated circuit, which can rapidly process data—to the point that it can change the path of information one million times in a second. At an initial demonstration, the scientists showed that the chip generates an Internet 60 times faster than it is today.”