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PSP go Confirmed

Posted in Electronics, Video games with tags , , , on May 30, 2009 by trevdog54

Whoops! Looks like the June episode of Sony’s PSN show Qore has been released early, showing up in the download histories of subscribers. In it, the heavily rumored PSP go has been confirmed. We’ve assumed this was real for a while now, with many of  editors putting the PSP go announcement in their E3 predictions.

The PSP go will sport a 3.8″ screen, 16GB of internal flash memory (upgradable), Bluetooth, and a 43% weight reduction. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The PSP go will NOT replace existing PSP models and Sony will still sell games on UMD. Could this be where the rumored digital rental service comes into play? There is still no information on how users will be able to turn their UMD games into digital games, if Sony even allows them to do so.

Also mentioned in the leaked video is Gran Turismo Portable and a new Metal Gear Solid PSP game, but further information will come during E3. There has been speculation that Kojima Productions will be announcing both a console and portable Metal Gear at E3 with interactivity between the possible PS3 and PSP releases.


Sony Announces PS3 compatible Ericson phone

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Aino Cell Phone

Finally, Sony has leverage the synergistic possibilities between its PlayStation division and its Ericsson cell phone department…partially. The long-rumored PlayStation compatible phone is actually coming. The Aino mobile phone will be out later this year, and features a “Remote Play” features that allows users to access media stored on their PS3 console via a local network or the internet. You know, like you have on your PSP.

If you were hoping for a powerful, Sony handheld gaming device that also allows you to call your friends, this isn’t it… at least, I don’t think this is it. No mention of gaming is made in the Aino press release Sony sent out, so it’s possible the company is waiting to make a huge splash with the news at E3 this year. It’s not that likely, but it’s possible.

Gaming or now, the Aino is a fully functioning smart phone that will allow media streaming and other bells and/or whistles. The phone’s specs and feature are below the cut. Continue reading

Microsoft Reveals Zune HD

Posted in Electronics, Video games with tags , , on May 26, 2009 by trevdog54

Microsoft Reveals Zune HD, Details Expansion Into Xbox Live

We’ve been hearing rumors Microsoft was preparing to reveal a new handheld, possibly Zune-based, device and now it’s official: the Zune HD is real. Engadget has the first details on the Zune HD, which not-so-surprisingly takes some major cues from the iPhone and will feature a completely touch-based interface and a built-in web browser, this time based on the company’s own Internet Explorer software.

There’s little known about Zune HD’s hardware specifications, except that it’s 3.3-inches, features a 480 x 272 OLED capacitive touchscreen display, and contains both a built-in HD Radio receiver and HD output. Perhaps most surprising, however, is how Zune HD will integrate with Xbox 360 and its Xbox Live services.

Mum’s the word for the moment — Microsoft promises details at E3 — but the company says the currently far more robust Zune Marketplace will be replace the video marketplace currently featured on Xbox Live. While Microsoft isn’t saying so yet, this certainly opens the possibility for music purchase via Xbox Live.

Warner Bros. bites into iPhone apps

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Warner Bros. Digital Entertainment wants a bite of Apple’s App business. The studio is positioning itself as a major distributor of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Continue reading

Rumor Apple To Release New iPhone July 17

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The folks over at AppleiPhoneApps say they received their server-meltdown-enducing information from a source, “closely connected to Apple’s hardware development team,” so as always, get the saltshaker ready. While we’ve been hearing about some of these specs for some time, the more cosmetic changes (illuminating Apple logo, rubber-tread backing, etc.) are fairly new. As is the release date, which the source alleges will be July 17.

Here’s the full list: Continue reading

LG Reveals the World’s Thinnest LCD TV

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LG Reveals The World's Thinnest LCD TV

There’s an article in today’s New York Times about upcoming super-thin laptops in which reporter Ashlee Vance uses the phrase, “is-it-even-here thin.” Aside from being a hilarious unit of measurement, it also happens to be perfectly suited for this post about LG’s new LCD TV models.

DisplayBlog reports that LG’s new 42-inch and 47-inch LCD TVs are in fact the thinnest in the world, coming in at a miniscule 0.23 inches .

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Transformers USB Drive

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A bunch of people have emailed me this amazing little gadget. A USB thumb drive that transforms into Ravage. Life is good…. life is good.

It’s a 2GB drive which isn’t huge… but did I mention it transforms into Ravage? You can get one here.