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Star Wars:The Old Republic announced

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Star Wars:The Old Republic debuted right now at E3 with a world exclusive trailer.


New Bad Company 2 Screens & Trailer

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In the run up to E3, EA and DICE have released a new trailer and some screens for their upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 title, which will have a presence at the show.

The title, currently slated for an early 2010 release, will be shown behind closed doors to select members of the press next week at E3 and we’ll be there to report back with how the game is shaping up.

And thanks toour freinds over at we have a fnew screenshots for you to enjoy.

NBC/Universal on XBox 360

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The hits just keep coming from the Microsoft press conference at E3 this morning. A new partnership has been announced with NBC/Universal to offer such shows as Heroes and 30 Rock as part of XBox Live in the near future, which means you will be able to watch the Peacock’s latest and greatest shows over the online service soon.

Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Details

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Resident Evil 5 will feature online co-op. That’s right folks, we get to cap some zombie fodder online with a buddy in Capcom’s latest installment to their epic survival horror series. Resident Evil 5 puts Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 1’s main protagonist and Resident Evil: Code Veronica’s supporting character, in the middle of Africa, where an ‘outbreak’ has occured.

The game retains Resident Evil 4’s control scheme, where we get an over-the-shoulder control and aiming mechanism. Also, RE5 supports a lot of environmental interactivity where you can shoot off exploding barrells, walls and such to your advantage. The brand new zombies in the demo appeared to be much more mobile and fierce compared to previous titles. From what we have seen, Capcom brings us yet another Game of the Year contender like their masterpiece, Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5 will be launching worldwide on March 13, 2009 – yes, that’s Friday, the 13th – kitchen knives out!

New Xbox Live Features

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In addition to the recently announced community avatar feature for Xbox Live, Major Nelson brings us more details in what to expect this fall. Through a system update, here are the latest feature Xbox Live has to offer:

  • Play from hard drive. Copy your games from the game disc and play directly from the hard drive. Not only will the drive not spin, but load times are quicker, as well. Of course, you will still need the disc in the tray to prove you own the game.
  • Access Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web. Browse and purchase Marketplace content whenever you want from and it downloads automatically to your console. Purchase that new map, television episode, the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade game or set up a movie to watch when you get home from work.
  • Dashboard built into the new Xbox Guide. For everyone who loves the blades interface, it’s not going away; they are now built directly in to the new Xbox guide. Every feature and option is available right from the guide. You can even access your full games library at all times. No matter where you are (in dash or in game), immediately call up your games played list and directly launch a game. Continue reading

EA Unleashes E3 Schedule

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The mighty, mighty Electronic Arts unleashed their E3 schedule this afternoon, and it is predictably fierce and impressive. Like a 290 lb Lineman in Madden 09, EA’s games will crush your very bones.

“EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA CEO John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce more brand new games than any other year in our history.”

What games? How about Dead Space, Rock Band 2, Spore, Skate It, Mercenaries 2, Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead and more more! Full list and official descriptions are under the cut.

Here are the games: Continue reading