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Just about every psp game released after October 1st will be downloadable

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Even prior to Sony’s official unveiling of its next big portable device, the PSP Go, speculations abounded regarding what the company’s plans were for bringing UMD-released games to a UMD-less device. Well, things are a little bit clearer today.

Sony social media manager Jeff Rubenstein told Destructoid that “just about” every PSP game released on UMD after October 1 (the day the PSP Go goes on sale) will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network. Rubenstein went on to say that third party titles will need the approval of their publishers before they will be available for download.

This is of course great news for people who have never owned a PSP and, as such, don’t own a single UMD game, and plan on investing in a PSP Go. However, the download service still doesn’t help current PSP owners thinking about eventually picking one up. That is of course unless the vast majority of them don’t mind carrying around two PSPs all the time.


PSP go Confirmed

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Whoops! Looks like the June episode of Sony’s PSN show Qore has been released early, showing up in the download histories of subscribers. In it, the heavily rumored PSP go has been confirmed. We’ve assumed this was real for a while now, with many of  editors putting the PSP go announcement in their E3 predictions.

The PSP go will sport a 3.8″ screen, 16GB of internal flash memory (upgradable), Bluetooth, and a 43% weight reduction. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The PSP go will NOT replace existing PSP models and Sony will still sell games on UMD. Could this be where the rumored digital rental service comes into play? There is still no information on how users will be able to turn their UMD games into digital games, if Sony even allows them to do so.

Also mentioned in the leaked video is Gran Turismo Portable and a new Metal Gear Solid PSP game, but further information will come during E3. There has been speculation that Kojima Productions will be announcing both a console and portable Metal Gear at E3 with interactivity between the possible PS3 and PSP releases.

Star Wars:Elite Squadron announced for DS and PSP

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LucasArts announces a new installment for the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise heading for the Nintendo DS and PSP. Dubbed Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, fans of the series can expect the rousing multiplayer shooting gameplay to return with a single player campaign focused on Force-sensitive clones X1 and X2.

“Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron features a deep and engrossing single player campaign that spans the entire Star Wars Saga – and beyond. Gamers assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66, X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 isn’t the only Force-sensitive clone, however. X1, his clone brother, chooses a much more sinister path, leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and the Rebellion.”

Rebellion will be handling the PSP version which features 16 player multiplayer battles with developer n-Space taking charge of the Nintendo DS copy which will allow a slimmer 4 player multi option when game ships later in the Fall.

'Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron' Announced For DS, PSP

I am still waiting for a new Battkefront to be released on the PS3.