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New images for Littlebigplanet shadow of colossus released

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New Images Of Shadow of the Colossus Costumes For LittleBigPlanet

Yesterday, you might have seen Media Molecule’s teaser trailer for the upcoming Team ICO DLC pack for the cuddly platformer LittleBigPlanet. The developers also revealed the costume designs for the characters of Ico and Yorda from the Ico portion of the DLC. Well today, Media Molecule have released some design pictures of a few of the Shadow of the Colossus costumes players can expect to see.

The three costumes on display are those for protagonist Wander and two colossi, Quadratus and Gaius. The Team ICO DLC pack includes stickers, costumes and sound effects based on both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and will be available on the PSN Store tomorrow for an as-of-yet undisclosed price.

Anyone working on a Shadow of the Colossus level for LBP right now?


Just about every psp game released after October 1st will be downloadable

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Even prior to Sony’s official unveiling of its next big portable device, the PSP Go, speculations abounded regarding what the company’s plans were for bringing UMD-released games to a UMD-less device. Well, things are a little bit clearer today.

Sony social media manager Jeff Rubenstein told Destructoid that “just about” every PSP game released on UMD after October 1 (the day the PSP Go goes on sale) will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network. Rubenstein went on to say that third party titles will need the approval of their publishers before they will be available for download.

This is of course great news for people who have never owned a PSP and, as such, don’t own a single UMD game, and plan on investing in a PSP Go. However, the download service still doesn’t help current PSP owners thinking about eventually picking one up. That is of course unless the vast majority of them don’t mind carrying around two PSPs all the time.

PSP go Confirmed

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Whoops! Looks like the June episode of Sony’s PSN show Qore has been released early, showing up in the download histories of subscribers. In it, the heavily rumored PSP go has been confirmed. We’ve assumed this was real for a while now, with many of  editors putting the PSP go announcement in their E3 predictions.

The PSP go will sport a 3.8″ screen, 16GB of internal flash memory (upgradable), Bluetooth, and a 43% weight reduction. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The PSP go will NOT replace existing PSP models and Sony will still sell games on UMD. Could this be where the rumored digital rental service comes into play? There is still no information on how users will be able to turn their UMD games into digital games, if Sony even allows them to do so.

Also mentioned in the leaked video is Gran Turismo Portable and a new Metal Gear Solid PSP game, but further information will come during E3. There has been speculation that Kojima Productions will be announcing both a console and portable Metal Gear at E3 with interactivity between the possible PS3 and PSP releases.

Sony Announces PS3 compatible Ericson phone

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Aino Cell Phone

Finally, Sony has leverage the synergistic possibilities between its PlayStation division and its Ericsson cell phone department…partially. The long-rumored PlayStation compatible phone is actually coming. The Aino mobile phone will be out later this year, and features a “Remote Play” features that allows users to access media stored on their PS3 console via a local network or the internet. You know, like you have on your PSP.

If you were hoping for a powerful, Sony handheld gaming device that also allows you to call your friends, this isn’t it… at least, I don’t think this is it. No mention of gaming is made in the Aino press release Sony sent out, so it’s possible the company is waiting to make a huge splash with the news at E3 this year. It’s not that likely, but it’s possible.

Gaming or now, the Aino is a fully functioning smart phone that will allow media streaming and other bells and/or whistles. The phone’s specs and feature are below the cut. Continue reading

Raimi And Maguire Locked Down For Two More Web Slingers

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Well it looks like the team is shaping up for another run at Spider-man. We get the scoop from DeadlineHollywood via IESB:

News hit today that Spider-man veterans Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi have been locked in by Sony to return for back to back productions of Spidey 4 & 5.

…I’m told that both star Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi will be returning to make Zodiac screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt’s script of Spider-Man 4. Sources tell me that Sony has recently locked in both veterans of Spider-Man 1 through 3…

…There’s no deal yet for Kirsten Dunst but Mary Jane Watson will be featured. I’m told Sony “would never recast her” despite her rehab problems…

Jim Brown sues EA and Sony

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Jim Brown. (David Maxwell/Getty Images)After years of barging over husky defenders on the gridiron, ex-Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown is attempting to tackle two serious video game heavyweights in court.

According to Bloomberg, Brown has filed suit against Sony Computer Entertainment America and Electronic Arts over using his likeness in the popular Madden football series. He seeks a court order preventing either company from continuing to use his likeness in the franchise as well as damages stemming from trademark violation.

At issue is the starting running back on Madden’s “All Browns Team.” The character is African-American and bears the same jersey number Brown made famous — number 32. In the suit, Brown claims that he “never signed away any rights that would allow his likeness to be used.”

He also mentions that unlike today’s players, he was not given the option to negotiate terms during his NFL heyday.

“The NFL had league wide policy that players shall have no lawyers or agents when negotiating compensation,” he said in the complaint. “Video games were not invented yet and no union to obtain rights from existed.”

EA and Sony have yet to comment on the matter.

Sony losses billions

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Sony PS3 (AP)Think you paid too much for your Playstation 3? Don’t expect any sympathy from Sony. Continue reading