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Ubisoft confirms DLC and Multiplayer for Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Ubisoft Confirms Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer And DLC
Well, it turns out that Conviction won’t just feature a mind-blowing single-player adventure either. Ubisoft producer Alexandre Parizeau told Joystiq that, as with the previous three SC installments, Conviction will include multiplayer. Parizeau didn’t drop any more details other than to expect more info sometime over the summer.

Looking beyond Conviction’s release, Parizeau confirmed that the developers are planning to release downloadable content as well, but we’ll obviously have to wait until the game finally launches this fall sometime to find out more about what that DLC will include (Could episodic content be in Sam Fisher’s future?)

Many fans have noted that Double Agent’s multiplayer was noticeably more accessible than it was in previous installments, but the game’s co-op mode wasn’t as robust as Chaos Theory’s. Well, with Ubisoft Montreal once again at the helms, here’s hoping the team can build on what it started in Chaos Theory, and make the multiplayer portion of Conviction as new and exciting as the single-player mode.


Metal Gear Solid: Rising not exclusive to xbox 360

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Microsoft debuted the first details on Metal Gear Solid Rising at their E3 press conference this morning, but there’s a reason Microsoft wasn’t bragging about this Raiden-starring adventure being an Xbox 360 exclusive — it isn’t.

“You know, we didn’t say that it was exclusive,” clarified Xbox executive and corporate VP John Schappert (he was the guy hosting most of the event) during an interview  immediately following the press conference.

“We said that the next Metal Gear will be coming [to Xbox 360],” he said.

“I couldn’t be more excited about him [Kojima] working on that [Metal Gear Solid Rising] and having that be part of our show,” said Schappert. “When I heard about that, I was pretty ecstatic and it was an honor to be able to be on stage with him and announcing his next Metal Gear, which will be on Xbox 360.”

Of course, Schappert wasn’t in a position to announce where else Metal Gear Solid Rising would be appearing, but could series creator Hideo Kojima be pleasing everyone by announcing this latest work at one conference, showing it at another? We’ll have to wait and find out tomorrow morning at Sony’s E3 conference.

And thus, the waiting game continues.

Bioshock 2 to be released October 30

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You will be returning to Rapture on November 3, gamers. Take-Two Interactive revealed the highly anticipated release date for BioShock 2 during a financial conference call on Tuesday . European gamers will have a small head start, however, with BioShock 2 arriving overseas a little earlier: October 30.

Sounds like it’s almost time for another playthrough of BioShock

Take a look at Batman:Arkham Asylum’s Poison Ivy

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Here is a look at the villian Poison Ivy in the upcoming video game Batman:Arkham Asylum. Its just to bad we have to wait a couple of months to get our hands on this game.

Sony losses billions

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Sony PS3 (AP)Think you paid too much for your Playstation 3? Don’t expect any sympathy from Sony. Continue reading

Call Of Duty:World At War

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Call Of Duty:World At War

A new Call of Duty World At war video was released to the Xbox live marketplace June 21st.The video is a first look at the game it does not show any game play features.However it does show the usage of flame throwers.If u watch the video u can see a sniper climbing up a tree to get a better shot.

One part of a level entitled Maken Raid shows an Allied prisoner of war being tortured by the Japanese before having his throat slit by a katana. The player’s character witnesses this scene and is later rescued by US Marines who liberate the camp

According to the developers you will be able to use vehicles in the online multiplayer.The game will also feature co-op campaign a 2 player split screen and a four player xbox live co-op.Thats all for now keep checking in for updates.

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